I have got to know Kömür(COAL)  Port years ago during my first diving experiences... Do not let the name fool you, it is actually a tiny fisherman's bay. To reach this tiny fisherman's bay, you have to cross a steep mountainous terrain.

A charming, unspoiled fishing port nestled at the foot of lush hills right on the Saroz Gulf in the Aegean Sea, Kömür is visited by only a few scuba divers, campers and fishers.
It takes around 30-40 minutes from the intersection of the main road to the road to Fındıklı village.
Reaching Kömür presents good views for campers and two very pretty beaches.

While you are looking the top of the mountain on the valley, you realize that structuring is very limited in here,  only a few fisherman shelters. An important feature of this paradise is that it has a tremendous submarine life. This is why Kömür is one of the most important diving sites of Saroz. You can scuba-dive here and return home with beautiful diving experiences. For many divers, Kömür is like an old friend, one they visit every year. Because the water is clear, shallow, and diving entrance is easy. It has tremendous diversity of underwater creatures.

Unfortunately, nowadays Kömür has become highly popular. Especially in summer. Overcrowding is becoming a major issue in this tiny seacoast. So, I suggest you to visit this place during spring and fall.

Camping in this beautiful resort is a completely different experience. Especially if you catch a moment outside the season, it is possible to open your tent's door towards the sea and wake up with epic morning.

There are so many moments I went to the Kömür. But I want to talk about the camp especially in October we had in Kömür. After peak season, the port becomes silent. Only a few fisherman comes. Crowds turn back to city centers. So, Kömür turns to a perfect weekend city break. It is a privilege to be here with friends at such times. We were together, away from city mess, feeling calm and relax. After you load your camping staff, 4-5 hours trip from Istanbul to reach here, being in this atmosphere with your friends feels you lucky.

Our campfire not only provides us warmth, but also is an opportunity to know each other deeply. We enjoy talking while sitting around the fire. To develop a strong connection with nature, campfire is also important component of camping areas. To get rid of searching for wood, and having usable pieces for campfire, we prefer to buy our woods from wood shops of which a few remains in the city center. Every wood that came out of the wood bag makes the night cheerful. We become happy as the sparks scatter in the air. Our voice mixes with the sound of waves and this turns into a harmonious symphony. We feel like time goes by so fast when we were enjoying this atmosphere.

Late at night, we spend our time under the sky with millions of shining stars. At this point, because of limited construction, you are not affected by city light pollution. So, when the sky turns black, Milky Way Galaxy is nothing less than magical.

Last but not least, I advise that lie down with your sleeping bag on the beach, try to find a moment which everybody sleeps and sky is crystal clear. Enjoy the loneliness.

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